IDE64 News

Monday, October 21, 2019

PCLink - ideserv 0.30c

End of last month I've released IDEserv 0.30c. This creates dot separated file types by default as it was a popular request. There are various special quirks of windows systems which was impossible to encounter with comma separation earlier. I'm confident everyone is old enough by now to solve their own problems on this platform once getting in trouble. As a hint anything should be fixable from the C64 side. There's an option to use comma separated file types of course. Have fun ;)


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

IDEDOS 0.90 patch 53

If you're using 0.90 then there's a patch 53 version available now with these changes:

  • Fix SHA addressing mode ($93)
  • Improved aborted USB/Ethernet PCLink transfer recovery
  • Fast timeout if USB or Ethernet is unplugged
  • Increased PCLink timeout, speed independent on SuperCPU
  • No junk transfers if Ethernet card not present
  • Long paths don't create invalid Ethernet telegrams
  • Put back DolphinDOS wedge hack
  • Backport of 16 char virtual fs exit fixes>

These are backports from IDEDOS 0.91 of course.


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

IDE64 temporarily unavailable

Thanks to large number of orders. We had to set IDE64 temporarily unavailable.
If you are waiting for the package, please be patient. It will arrive durning next week.
We plan to open the orders again as soon as possible.
Thanks for your understanding.