IDE64 News

Monday, May 25, 2015

MP3@64 - temporarily out of stock

MP3@64 module, exclusively made for IDE64 V4.
There is a unique opportunity to order MP3@64 module. The device was designed by Oliver Achten in 2005 and ten years later resurrected from limbo by our friend Comos. Thanks to a new IDE64 plugin and player, it can play any MP3, including 320kbps.
Let's create a music box driven by C64+IDE64+MP3@64. The price is 39 Euro for a module.
At this time units are out of stock, please check the news regularly for further info.
For more info, please drop an emal:

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

IDE64 unboxing video

Enjoy the IDE64 unboxing video from Petter Lindquist

Friday, May 01, 2015

IDE64 units are available for ordering.
You can choose between the original IDE64 V4.1 and the new IDE64 V4 512 KiB ROM - Collector's Edition.
The price of the IDE64 starts at 90 € + registered priority air-mail shipping 6 €. For more information about IDE64, please visit webpage: If you need any additional information, or you like to order, please do not hesitate to contact:

Thursday, August 21, 2014

IDE64 V4.1 Case

Case for IDE64 V4.1 is designed to be printed using an additive 3D print technology. Can give your IDE64 V4.1 protection and style. Anybody can download and 3D print in a favourite color or modify the design according their needs. View the design in 3D here, any suggestion or feedback is appreciated.

Monday, February 10, 2014

External RAM issue fix

If you experience power-up external RAM error on IDE64 V4.1, please contact:

Thursday, December 12, 2013

IDEDOS 0.90 patch 51

New maintenance release is out for 0.90 because of the ntsc JiffyDOS timing issue, and anyway there were some pending changes over the years. The changelog:

  • JD protocol timing adjusted to handle NTSC in manager 
  • disabled write cache default (can cause corruption on power loss) 
  • progress bar in manager was sometimes wrong for long directories 
  • set pio0 transfer setting and remember it (for some hardware) 
  • drive detection updates, hope it's not worse now than before 
  • use reset for recovery (fixes hang after interrupted transfers) 
  • don't spin up power saving drives when changing timers 
  • invalidate drive after direct write (consistency after filesystem creation) 
  • change geometry handling, some new drives don't like CHS at all

Friday, November 09, 2012

Plugins pack 2012

The collection of recent IDE64 File Manager plugins in one archive can be downloaded from the following link.
To install all the plugins and configuration file man,usr , uncompress the archive to the root directory of the primary IDE64 disk device. Most plugins are associated with appropriate file extension e.g. picture,fli or picture.fli and are started when RETURN is pressed. More info in readme.txt and man_usr.txt text files.

One of the possibility how to install the plugins pack is to extract zip,prg from the zip archive and copy both the and zip,prg to your IDE64 primary disk device. From the File Manager, load "zip" by pressing SHIFT+RETURN and start program by SYS4096
At filename prompt type: and press RETURN.
Extract all the files and start File Manager by: MAN!
File Manager configuration file man,usr should be in the root directory and set of plugins in "plugins" subdirectory.

I hope you enjoy this collection. The plugins can be individually downloaded from
If you find any existing plugin missing in this collection, please let me know. To use vd64 advanced virtual filesystem on Idedos V.91, please rename vd64beta,prg to vd64,prg