IDE64 News

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Updated Contiki for IDE64

More up to date executables are now available from the Contiki Operating system optimized for IDE64 use. The package includes email, ftp, irc, www clients and the webserver, from Contiki 2.1 and 2.3. The configuration tool by Lodger is also included.

The drive numbers are not fixed to 8 anymore, and the file reading was optimized by using blockread, which results in 6 KB/s web serving performance instead of 2.8 KB/s. ;)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

IDEDOS 20090702 (0.90 patch 41)

This new version includes the file manager changes promissed earlier:

  • Sometimes syntax error on floppy when manager starts bugfix
  • Less repeated device not present errors
  • Switch off sprites on panel change (non-JD + CMD devices)
  • Less useless directory reload when content already in other panel
  • Other panel updated when the same on directory reload
  • No partition list, parent directory, or root directory on floppy
  • Now can copy filename beginning with "#$" (except to floppy)
  • No more window flicker during file copy
  • Progress bar correct now also when copying small files
  • Directory name can be changed before copy, just like for file
  • No more abort question when copying haven't started yet and stopped
  • Faster recursive delete by using S:*
  • Faster directory sorting, more tolerant to broken directory lists
  • Do not allow to enter the system partition
  • Manager freezed sometimes on 1541 II select with CBM DOS

There was a big restructuring of code, so there can be regressions. Please drop a mail to the mailinglist or directly to me if something does not work.