IDE64 News

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

USB PCLink (IDE64 V4.1) Ideservd 0.24

The most recent release of the USB PCLink server, improved to enable optimized UPCLink transfers, released.
The package contains pre-compiled Win32 binary and multi-platform sourcecode.
Download Now

For Win32 binary of the other PCLink options, please download Ideservd 0.22.

IDE64 USB device driver can be downloaded from the chip manufacturer.

Monday, February 02, 2009

IDEDOS 20090201 (0.90 patch 40)

New version is out with these changes:

* Incorrect fault lamp handling fixed for UI, UJ, CP, S.
* CHS address calculation bug fixed for range 8-32 GB
* ETH64 timeout bug fixed
* DOS wedge commands now skip "used" screen lines
* Added KILLNEW basic command
* USB pclink tuning

At the end I haven't included any manager changes, as it would delay the release even further. Maybe next time.