IDE64 News

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ideservd on OSX

Idesevd 0.24 has been compiled on OSX (10.6.4) by Jonno Downes, you can download a binary from:

Geos booted from geos.d64 on IDE64

Thanks to Petter LindquistGeos is now bootable from a .d64 on IDE64.
The demo with with geolink and a loader can be get from:

Just unzip the file and load boot,prg from the same dir as geos,d64

It should be possible to use most programs, as long as the d64 does NOT
contain a configure program as that will destroy the driver.

Next thing would be hacking configure to be able to use the new drivers,
together with REU emulation with a swap file on IDE64.