IDE64 News

Thursday, December 12, 2013

IDEDOS 0.90 patch 51

New maintenance release is out for 0.90 because of the ntsc JiffyDOS timing issue, and anyway there were some pending changes over the years. The changelog:

  • JD protocol timing adjusted to handle NTSC in manager 
  • disabled write cache default (can cause corruption on power loss) 
  • progress bar in manager was sometimes wrong for long directories 
  • set pio0 transfer setting and remember it (for some hardware) 
  • drive detection updates, hope it's not worse now than before 
  • use reset for recovery (fixes hang after interrupted transfers) 
  • don't spin up power saving drives when changing timers 
  • invalidate drive after direct write (consistency after filesystem creation) 
  • change geometry handling, some new drives don't like CHS at all