IDE64 News

Saturday, May 30, 2009

ID64 v0.6b released

After a few years there's another update to the disk image conversion package. What's new?

  • significantly faster write of D64 images to 1541
  • slightly faster read and verify of D64 images
  • new read/write/verify for D71 images on 1571
  • cosmetic changes to D81/D1M/D2M/D4M writers.
Testers are wanted for checking the NTSC timing of D64 or D71 read/write/verify. It should work, but maybe not. Please report any success or failure!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

SCA Converter 1.0

SCA - streamed char animation – is an animation (image sequence) with the dimension of 200x160 pixels, converted into the C64 charsets (25x20 chars). One frame includes two multicolor charsets, the whole animation uses one static video and color RAM. SCA Converter utility (application) creates this kind of animation on Windows platforms.
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