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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

PCLink over USB (IDE64 V4.1) update II

The most recent release of the PCLink contains USB (FTDI) server support.
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IDE64 USB device driver can be downloaded from the chip manufacturer.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

IDEDOS 20080817 (0.90 patch 39)

More bug fixes and updates for the V4.1 cartridge:
  • Aborting fast save not hanging anymore in manager
  • Clear path to 1581 subdirectories on manager restart
  • NMI crash on monitor start fixed
  • G-P crashed (since 20050730)
  • USB pclink support
The perom programmer got a quick update for programming the v4.1 cartridge, however it's not perfect yet. (e.g. needs several tries to do the job on v4.1, and is limited to 64KiB only...) The filesystem repair tool was fixed as well, but it does only support the v4.1 cartridge, so the old tool for older cards is still included, until I'll add support older cards as well. (there's not much functionality difference)

The user's guide is not updated yet, but will be soon.