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Friday, June 08, 2018

Running GEOS 2.0 with IDE64 V4.x

Two skilled GEOS programmers have created IDE64 device drivers for the GEOS 2.0 operating system. Two different concepts and solutions.

Petter Lindquist has made very promising experimental driver, which boots from IDE64 filesystem, but it is limited to one d64 file.
It was meant as a testing step towards using a 16 meg "hard file".

Maciej Witkowiak 'YTM/Elysium' the man who has done a lot of work with disassembling of the GEOS KERNAL, created own IDE interface called CIA-IDE.  He also ported the GEOS driver originally intended for that interface to IDE64 (V3.x).

The driver consists of one main GEOS program called Hddtool 64.
This program serves the filesystem formatting tool and the IDE64 disk driver.

The main complication is that the used filesystem is incompatible with native IDE64 one, so you need to use dedicated CompactFlash (or disk drive). You need the GEOS boot floppy disk, to boot the GEOS from drive #8.

I recommend the Wiki for more information.

The driver can get from here:

The GEOS 2.0 boot disk with the IDE64 V4.x driver installed.
(Does not work without IDE64 attached. Commodore-I to switch between mouse and joystick in port 1.)

The GEOS 2.0 boot .d81 disk with the IDE64 V4.x driver installed. Works with 1581 drive and SD2IEC drive.

The plain GEOS boot disk was taken from the Cenbe's Commodore 64 Pages.