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Friday, November 09, 2012

Plugins pack 2012

The collection of recent IDE64 File Manager plugins in one archive can be downloaded from the following link.
To install all the plugins and configuration file man,usr , uncompress the archive to the root directory of the primary IDE64 disk device. Most plugins are associated with appropriate file extension e.g. picture,fli or picture.fli and are started when RETURN is pressed. More info in readme.txt and man_usr.txt text files.

One of the possibility how to install the plugins pack is to extract zip,prg from the zip archive and copy both the and zip,prg to your IDE64 primary disk device. From the File Manager, load "zip" by pressing SHIFT+RETURN and start program by SYS4096
At filename prompt type: and press RETURN.
Extract all the files and start File Manager by: MAN!
File Manager configuration file man,usr should be in the root directory and set of plugins in "plugins" subdirectory.

I hope you enjoy this collection. The plugins can be individually downloaded from
If you find any existing plugin missing in this collection, please let me know. To use vd64 advanced virtual filesystem on Idedos V.91, please rename vd64beta,prg to vd64,prg