IDE64 News

Thursday, July 02, 2009

IDEDOS 20090702 (0.90 patch 41)

This new version includes the file manager changes promissed earlier:

  • Sometimes syntax error on floppy when manager starts bugfix
  • Less repeated device not present errors
  • Switch off sprites on panel change (non-JD + CMD devices)
  • Less useless directory reload when content already in other panel
  • Other panel updated when the same on directory reload
  • No partition list, parent directory, or root directory on floppy
  • Now can copy filename beginning with "#$" (except to floppy)
  • No more window flicker during file copy
  • Progress bar correct now also when copying small files
  • Directory name can be changed before copy, just like for file
  • No more abort question when copying haven't started yet and stopped
  • Faster recursive delete by using S:*
  • Faster directory sorting, more tolerant to broken directory lists
  • Do not allow to enter the system partition
  • Manager freezed sometimes on 1541 II select with CBM DOS

There was a big restructuring of code, so there can be regressions. Please drop a mail to the mailinglist or directly to me if something does not work.