IDE64 News

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

IDEDOS 20070919 (0.90 patch 35)

What's new?
  • Optimized PC64 pclink transfer
    Ca. 1.5x save and 1.2x load speed.
  • Manager and setup keep PA2 high on user port
    PC64 ideserv was using 100% cpu when the manager or setup was active
  • Better device detection
    Some devices failed to be detected, especially on poweron.
  • 2048 byte dir bug on CD
    The directory listing was messed up when the directory fully filled up a sector.
  • Wait on drive to become ready after disk insert
    IDEDOS could already automatically close the CD tray on access, but then usually a drive not ready error came. Not anymore.
  • Caching of tree path
    Big files (500K+) can have deep tree stucture for indexing on CFS. Now only the last few sectors are read, the rest of the tree is cached. Slightly faster seeking and sequential read.
  • PC64 slow transfer mode
    Special protocol for PC64 cables without the FLAG line. Slightly slower (ca. 0.8x) read performance. Needs new ideserv.
  • Manually restorable freeze/zero points in monitor
    Normally freeze and zero points are restored when they are executed. Now it's possible to remove them.
  • SCPU optimization toggle works now
    The control+leftarrow combination is not disabled anymore when the function keys are active.
  • Monitor screen remembered
    The monitor screen is remembered across invocations. Can be used as a notepad.
Also the IDE64 user's guide was updated to reflect the changes.